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The laws of Liberalia is based in part on the Acts contained in the Statute Book [1] and partly upon precedent set by actions of citizens, the Guardian Council and the Supreme Court Act.

The most important part of the law is The Preservation of Democracy Act (popularly known as PoDA) this prevents Prime Ministers from gaining unlimited power because there is always a check in place. It can never be repealed. All other laws relating to the governing of the region is drawn from this concept such as the Guardian of Liberalian Democracy.

Recently, the Supreme Court was set up to resolve disputes over the laws. It started with a narrow remit in interpretation and conflict of law and will possibly be expanded to cover new situations that people are finding for it.

The most controversial law was the Articles of Confederation (AoC). Rhaomi championed it as an attempt to create a constitution for Liberalia. It took a number of attempts to pass and just as long to repeal. Curiaistan originally ruled that it was not subject to the Right to Repeal Legislation Act and therefore required a 66.66% majority to repeal. The next vote was one vote short of the majority required and Curiaistan was overruled by the Guardians. The final and successful attempt at repealing AoC led to the vote being Aye=7 Nay=2 Abstain=6. Curiaistan took the point of view that first past the post was the winner but others querying the accuracy of this as 8 people voted for a option other than aye. This was later cleared up by an amendment to the Rules of Parliamentary Order.

Curiaistan is widely regarded as the foremost expert in Liberalian Law and is always suggesting to sponsers of new bills to look back at a particular law to help them with drafting a new bill.

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